New Home! New Work!

Welcome to the new Restless Nerve website. It's been years in the making, but I've finally found a site that can easily accomodate everything I want in my site. With a fully integrated blog (finally), expect to see posts semi often about the work I'm doing or just general shit I want to talk about.

As of lately, here's what's brewing in the trenches:

  • Currently wrapping up the print materials for the new Ysengrin album via Nuclear War Now! Ysengrin is a DLP/Gatefold with amazing pencil artworks courtesy of Markov Marov. Will include a 16 pages A4 booklet. Everything is done in just two Pantone colors; this thing will be gorgeous when it's ready.

  • I've been working pretty regularly on some very fun show flyers for my good buddy Hasan's Ripping Headaches Promotion/Booking thing. You can view several of them on the works page. And if you are in the Baltimore area - go check them out.

  • Working on the new Adversarial LP/CD/Tape and Funerus Double CD (both albums together!) for Dark Descent.

  • Cassette layouts and design for Ascended Dead and Void Ceremony. The VC is already out, go find it. KILLER twisted and eerie death metal.

  • Recently finished the new Wooden Stake album. It's out now on Razorback.

  • Almost done with the tour poster for this summer's Gravehill/Ghoulgotha US Tour.

  • And finally, we're slogging our way through the fourth issue of EVILSPEAK Magazine. This time around we're looking at 200+ pages and it will be sidebound (like a book) just like Issue 3.

Here's a taste:



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